Mooss (part of Bamm!) is a national youth organisation located in Leuven which organizes over 5000 activities with more then 75.000 participants on a yearly basis. We organize a wide variety of workshops, trainings, coachings for professional educational staff, art and cultural participation projects, short holidays, festivals, and NFE-activities for and by young people. We inform about cultural themes
and organize artistic sensibilisation campaigns, with the goal to reach as many young people as
possible between the age of 5 and 30.
Our audience is not limited to members of youth movements or members of Mooss, no it is far more
than that. For everyone who is concerned with the cultural well-being and cultural learning of
young people such as youth workers, parents, teachers, researchers, decision makers, governments,
Mooss can organize an activity which will address his or her specific needs. As a youth organisation,
Mooss cares about a number of social values, such as solidarity, tolerance, pluralism, and respect
for democratic values.